The history of golf in Fiuggi in many ways is inextricably linked to that thermal city, made up of moments pioneering ideas of development, growth, achievement of important objectives but also of difficulties, crises and missed opportunities. The course was founded in 1928 by the will of Cav.del Lav. Adelmo Della Casa, originally only three holes, it was extended to nine following the end of the work took place in 1940 when World War II was in full swing. It was only the beginning of the 70 for the construction of the club house and the beginning of the 90’s for the expansion of the 18-hole course.

But the history of golf in Fiuggi is also made of famous people, such as politicians, singers, actors, athletes, businessmen, that in the years of worldliness fiuggina, were the years 60’e 70 ‘, frequented the structure, either as players, passionate spectators and guests of the competitions and the awards, the club soon became the most famous and in Italy and abroad. Sporting activity was extremely intense and course was chosen for its technical difficulty, as an ideal setting for numerous competitions nationally and internationally; this must be given credit for having created in Fiuggi, a youth movement of course, competence and the ability to produce champions and professionals can establish itself outside the local context.

But as said earlier, the fortunes of the Golf Fiuggi, have always been linked to that of the town and the decline of thermal tourism, has coincided with a period of crisis for the club. Today the Golf Club Fiuggi 1928, wants to strongly re-launch and return to the “glories” of the past, then the invitation is to visit us, not only to spend unforgettable days of golf but to experience the hospitality of Fiuggi, enjoy gastronomic specialties of the area, and the beautiful landscape that surrounds it.

Bibliography: Il Golf a Fiuggi” fascinating story to recount conceived and commissioned by Paolo Martini and written by Carlo D’amico ……….